TRX2 Molecular Hair Growth Supplement

At Oxford, United Kingdom, a team of scientists has been conducting pre-clinical studies on hair loss. By combining powerful metabolic stimulants (Potassium, BCAA, Nicotinic Acid) with a natural energy-generating substance (Carnipure™ tartrate), the researchers discovered they could stop hair loss and promote hair growth on a molecular level. The result is TRX2™, a patent pending molecular hair loss treatment.

This natural hair loss treatment is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). Benefits of taking 3 capsules of TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment per day include:


  • The cessation of hair loss*
  • The promotion of hair growth — including the frontal/temple area*
  • Visibly stronger & thicker hair*

baldA randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrates the efficacy and safety of TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment. After 9 month the average hair count of patients using this hair loss treatment increased 35.1% hair thickness 22.5% and the terminal hair change (ie, the change from vellus to non-vellus hair) 23.2%. After 18 month those percentages increased to +49.2%. +38.7%, and 36.4% respectively.


“The reason I love this hair loss treatment and decided to give it a shot in the first place is because they don’t make false promises. They don’t suggest that this is a quick fix that will regrow your hair in 2-3 days. It isn’t some crazy spray on hair treatment. It is a long term proven solution that actually yields results.”

“I stopped shedding completely by month 3 and show significant growth of hair, most noticeable in the temple region. I’m in month 9 now and overall my hair feels thicker and denser than ever before.“
Chris, 38 years, London, UK

What can I expect?


  • Cessation of hair loss
  • Significant improvements in hair texture and thickness
  • Slow but steady hair regrowth including critical areas such as frontal area and temples. For the majority of customers using TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment first improvements become visible after 3-5 months; cosmetically significant results usually settled in after 8-10 months. Results and response time may vary and are subject to your individual metabolism.
  • No major side effects. No hormone interference. No risks


What should I not expect:

Overnight success. Taking TRX2™ Molecular Hair Loss Treatment regularly and over a prolonged period of time is critical to success

TRX2™ is a hair loss treatment specifically designed for men and women suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1 — 4). The effects on more advanced stages of hair loss will be less pronounced.