Is Your Hair Falling Out from Stress?

Hair Falling Out from Stress

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There are indications that hair falling out from stress and malnutrition are associated. The suggested rationale for the link between the two is that one creates the other. It doesn’t matter which come first. Each exacerbates the other condition. As a result, the treatment method chosen must address both issues simultaneously.

Stress related hair loss can occur after surgery or a severe illness. It is also associated with the stress of combat or living in a war zone. Others sources of stress include work-level overload and abusive relationships. The human body is a fragile eco-system teetering on the balance of the way in which you live. Hair falling out from stress can be treated using a combination of methods.

Is Your Hair Falling Out from Stress?

Hair Falling Out from Stress

The severity of shedding and it’s permanency must first be determined before treatment begins. In some instances, hair falling out from stress is only temporary and will grow back on its own. In either case, the issues of poor nutrition needs to be handled as soon as possible. There are many unique ways to acquire the minerals and nutrients needed. One such way is by using a wider variety of herbs in cooking.

For permanent manifestations of hair falling out from stress, counseling is usually one of the treatments used. Sometimes, such counseling is minimal just to help you deal with the fear associated with the trauma experienced – such as a death in the family. Longer-term emotional counseling is used for those who have disorders such as posttraumatic stress syndrome. In either case, hair loss can be stopped by combining topical treatments.

Another situation where hair falling out from stress occurs is when you live with an abusive situation. This can mean emotional or mental abuse as well as physical confrontation. Often people who live in abusive situations do not realize that this is the case. Abuse happens slowly over a period of time and people adjust to it. One reaction is to attempt to be perfect and not disappoint the other party.

Hair falling out from stress in children nearly always requires some form of emotional counseling. Frequently, the abusive situation is discovered with children who habitually pull, tug or twist their hair to the point that it falls out. Abusive situations are not the only reason for children twisting and pulling their hair, however. Other reasons causing the stress may be the cause.

No amount of nutrition or treatment can change the reason for your stress. But, hair falling out from stress is a serious symptom that there is something medically wrong and deserves your attention to fix it.

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