7 Foods That Are PROVEN To Accelerate Weight Loss!


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It is simple to believe that eating for weight loss is all about reduction; conventional wisdom suggests that eating less is the way to go. However, this is a touch deceptive. As you can see, not all nutrients contribute equally to weight loss. In fact, a significant portion of the process entails consuming a greater quantity of fat-burning foods.

Let’s examine eight such dishes!


#1 – Coconut Oil

Do not be deceived by the fact that coconut oil is high in fat; this is not the same fat found in cheeseburgers. No, coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, which cannot be effectively stored by the body. Instead, your body converts the fatty acids into ketones, which aid in weight loss.

According to research, the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil increase your body’s resting energy expenditure by 5%, allowing you to eliminate an extra 120 calories per day.

#2 – Potatoes

Put down the french fries; this does not refer to that variety of potato. No, we’re discussing boiled and roasted potatoes. Researchers examined 38 foods, including brown rice and whole wheat bread, and discovered that potatoes, whether boiled or baked, were the most substantial.

In other words, eating a boiled or baked potato will significantly reduce your appetite for other foods. In addition, potatoes contain numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will give you the vitality to exercise! Be sure to choose organic!

#3 – Caffeine

As little as 100 mg of caffeine (a single cup contains 95 mg) increases a person’s basal metabolic rate by 3-4%, according to research. This quantity also increases thermogenesis, or body heat, a process that aids in fat burning.

It is estimated that caffeine can help people expend an additional 150 calories per day.

#4 – Cider-Apple Vinegar

In a 2009 study, researchers discovered that participants who consumed one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day had reduced body fat accumulation. The effect was caused by the acetic acid content of the vinegar.

Additionally, previous research has demonstrated that individuals who consume apple cider vinegar with a meal consume 200-275 fewer calories for the remainder of the day.

#5 – Hot Peppers

Health professionals have known for many years that capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot chilies, stimulates thermogenesis. Keep in mind that this is the body’s natural fat-burning process.

The researchers have only recently discovered that capsaicin prevents future weight gain with a level of effectiveness comparable to that of intensive surgery. Capsaicin regulates the genes that control body weight.

#6 – Tuna

A single cup of tuna is packed with a substantial 39 grams of protein. Why is this significant? According to research, a high-protein diet can increase your metabolism so that you expend an additional 260 calories per day!

In a separate study, researchers discovered that a high-calorie diet causes women to consume 441 fewer calories per day, resulting in a one-pound weight loss per week – simply by consuming!

Thus, make sure to avoid farmed fish and only purchase organic varieties.

#7 – Eggs

In one study, participants were instructed to substitute their bagel breakfast with an equal number of eggs. The participants’ increased satisfaction was reflected in the fact that they consumed an average of 400 fewer calories over the subsequent 36 hours.

Eggs are also abundant in protein, so all the benefits of protein mentioned in the previous point apply here as well!

For optimal quality, purchase organic, free-range eggs from your local farmer.

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