Folligen’s Different Approach to Hair Loss Products

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One of man’s greatest fears in modern times is baldness and with good reason. It effects up to 70% of men to some degree and 15% of women. In a society where looks play an important role, people are always trying to find a way to cover up or regrow their hair. With such a big business and so many desperate people, companies have been coming out with products to help against hair loss left and right. Unfortunately, most of these products use almost the exact same ingredients with only a slight change in proportions. This means that if one of these products doesn’t work well for you, it is likely that most of the others will not either. However, there are a few products that have been venturing into different territory, such as Folligen.

Folligen’s Different Approach to Hair Loss Products


Folligen is actually a range of products that can be used in different combinations, depending on the severity and area of your head that the alopecia (baldness) has affected. However, the cornerstones of the product line are the lotion, cream and therapy spray. It was developed by Dr. Loren Pickart who has been doing research on reversing the effects of aging on skin. He discovered a Copper peptide complex that was shown to have good effects on women over the age of 35. He also eventually found that using this same compound, he was able to stimulate hair growth and even bring back your hair’s natural color.

How it Works: Folligen contains many ingredients, but the ones that are primary for helping with hair loss and regrowth are the copper peptides and Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is used to inhibit the alpha-5 reductase enzyme that is known to produce the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. DHT attaches itself to the roots of your hair follicles and causes them to shrink over time. This is actually a natural process that should take decades, but because of genetic traits it happens much more quickly in some men and women.

When the process speeds up, your immune system believes something is wrong and reduces blood flow to the area causing inflammation that will kill the follicle. By cutting off the production of DHT, you can control the amount of hair loss.

Copper peptides have shown to have major effects on the skin’s health and can also encourage hair growth. It can revitalize the scalp and remove the DHT that has seeped to the surface of the skin. The peptides can also rejuvenate your healthy hair as well, strengthening the roots and thickening the stems. One interesting side effect that has been noted is that older people with grey or white hair who use Folligen find that hair regrowth is in their natural color.

Effectiveness: Folligen has mixed reviews. While many people agree that it has had remarkable results on their scalp condition and the rate of hair loss, very few noted a large amount of hair regrowth. Much like other over-the-counter medications, Folligen takes time to produce real results, usually up to three months. These are also products to use when you first notice signs of thinning. For those with severe symptoms a much stronger product is advised. It is possible to use Folligen with other hair loss products so take that into account when you are deciding.

Many people who find copper peptides and caffeine to be effective (and give you that “tingling” sensation in your scalp) use the DS Laboratories’ products, such as Revita and Revita.COR. (WARNING: This website earns a sales commission on sale of DS Labs products and therefore has a conflict of interest. Buyer beware!!)

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