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If you want to grow hair faster, you should consider trying some of the new hair growth factor serums and anti-DHT products that have come along in recent years. While not a panacea and certainly not a “cure” for hair loss, these new hair growth products do grow hair faster than many things tried in the past.

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To grow hair faster, you need to focus on the root causes of hair loss and hair thinning. For years, researchers have theorized that hair loss is caused by a genetic hyper-sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative from the male sex hormone testosterone. The theory has been that hair follicles gradually shrink and then die when exposed to large amounts of DHT. As a result, the theory goes, to grow hair faster you simply have to limit the amount of DHT on the scalp. There are a number of highly effective anti-DHT shampoos and conditioners on the market now. For example, DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo and Revita.COR conditioner are popular with women who want to grow hair faster and with men who want to regrow lost hair.

The most exciting development in recent years to grow hair, however, has been the discovery that DHT does not cause hair follicles to die, a previously thought, but only to go asleep. In a sense, therefore, hair follicles hibernate. Scientists have discovered a number of special proteins, known as growth factors, that are like chemical alarm clocks and wake dormant hair follicles back up. These growth factors have been proven to stimulate new hair growth and to grow hair faster. One of the earliest and most popular of these new growth factor serums, made from adult stem cells, is Cygenx’s RegenRXx Growth Factor Serum 90. By flooding hair follicles with these specialized chemical wake-up messages, growth factor serums stimulate the follicles to grow hair — to grow hair faster than normal and to regrow hair where none was growing before.

Grow Hair Faster

The problem now is scalp penetration. One solution, which the San Diego company Histogen is working on, is to develop a surgical procedure to inject growth factors beneath the skin and more directly into the scalp. The problem with this approach is that it requires FDA approval, will be expensive and is not available right now.

Another solution is the use of a dermal roller. A dermal roller, which Cygenx sells along with its RegenRXx Growth Factor Serum, puts hundreds of micro holes in your scalp and has been proven to help grow hair faster all by itself. Many hair growth physicians advocate the use of the dermal roller alone to grow hair. However, there is always the possibility of infection and many experts caution that, if you do use a dermal roller, you should do so under the supervision of a doctor — just to make sure you don’t accidentally get an infection.

The third thing you can do to grow hair faster is to try cold laser treatments, such as the LaserComb. The FDA has approved the use of cold lasers as a legitimate hair treatment to grow hair and to grow hair faster. Some people are satisfied with the results and find that, at the very least, the cold lasers slow hair loss. Others are disappointed.

The bottom line is this: If you would like to grow hair, there are more options today than in the past. If you just suffer from thinning hair or would like thicker hair or to grow hair faster, then these hair loss products might actually help — anti-DHT shampoos and conditions like Revita Shampoo and Revita.COR, growth factors serums like RegenRXx, and cold lasers like the LaserComb. If you suffer from severe male pattern baldness, however, then these hair growth products likely will leave you disappointed. They will help you grow hair and even grow hair faster, but won’t give you the volume you need for cosmetic purposes.

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