Aderans Research and Clinical Trials in Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Technology

Aderans Research [ARI] is a subsidiary of two companies interested in the development of resolving the issues of hair loss from a number of differing causes including medical treatments for cancer, genetic disturbances and inheritors, and injuries resulting in damage to hair follicles such as burns or wounds. Aderans Research is located in Atlanta, Ga. […]

The Truth About Kerastase Densifique and Stem Cells for Hair Regrowth

Those that find themselves going bald become very frustrated at the idea of not being able to control their appearance. There are many products on the market today that claim to help prevent baldness, but none that seem to help those develop hair in areas where baldness has already taken hold. But scientists at L’Oreal […]

Capixyl & Astressin-B: New Hair Regrowth Ingredients Gaining Attention

A Quebec cosmetics company, Unipex, has begun marketing a new hair loss ingredient that, it says, can stimulate new hair growth. The incredient, Capixyl, is a “biomimetic peptide” combined with a red clover extract. Based on the combined and synergistic action of its two ingredients, Capixyl supposedly prevents hair miniaturization, favors a better hair anchoring, […]

Grow Hair Faster with Growth Factor Serums, Anti-DHT Hair Growth Products

If you want to grow hair faster, you should consider trying some of the new hair growth factor serums and anti-DHT products that have come along in recent years. While not a panacea and certainly not a “cure” for hair loss, these new hair growth products do grow hair faster than many things tried in […]

Clinical Trials to Grow Hair – Call for Participants 2012

Merck Pharmaceuticals is calling for people living in the New York Area who would like to participate in the Hair Loss Gene Chip Study. The study is under the direction of Dr. Animesh Singha. The project will use micro-arrays or gene chip technology to understand the complex processes need to grow hair. This is a […]

Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide

Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide Biostem U.S., which describes itself as a “technology licensing company” with hair regrowth treatment using using human stem cells, is seeking to expand its operations worldwide. The company, a NEvada corporation based in Clearwater, FLorida, recently announced the change of its stock symbol to […]

What You Should Know About Natural Hair Loss Products

If you were to search online for natural hair loss products, you would be surprised by the long list of websites that claim to provide remedies for hair loss. While it is understandable that many of us prefer to go the natural route when it comes to treatment, we also need to be very wary […]

Wound healing and hair cloning

Hair loss or Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is characterized by the miniaturization of the hair follicles in susceptible individuals and occurs in a defined pattern on the scalp. Hair loss in aging men and women is characterized by these “damaged hair follicles.” Normal hair growth depends on a cycle in which periodic regeneration of the underlying […]

Treating Hair Loss with Women Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is quite common, especially in aging women. The American Hair Loss Association tells that about 80 percent of women experience hair loss by the age of 60. Hair loss is known clinically as alopecia and it’s important to remember that not all forms of hair loss are cause for concern. The average healthy […]