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Tricomin Hair Loss Products

Hair loss can be a very devastating experience. What is even worse is the fact that most hair loss products do not seem to be effective and those that are effective only work for a couple of weeks. Most hair loss products also do not have the scientific backing to verify their claims and this is this why the hair loss industry is filled with lots of controversies.

If you are tired of all the hype and are looking for an effective product that will manage your hair loss you might want to consider using Tricomin hair loss products.

Tricomin hair loss products are just some of the few products in the hair growth industry that have scientific backing. Their products use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to stimulate hair growth and one of those is copper peptides. Tricomin is on its own league and it does not need to use potassium channel openers for hair growth like other hair growth products. Instead, Tricomin uses copper peptide technology which reduces hair loss and dramatically increases the density of the hair. Copper peptides improve the health of the scalp and its appearance thus increasing follicle growth.

What Do Clinical Studies Say About Tricomin Hair Loss Products?

Tricomin has undergone various clinical studies. In a vigorous trial undertaken by the FDA, this was one of the few products that actually showed signs of stimulated hair growth. Another clinical study conducted on Tricomin also produced great results. The study which was conducted on 36 men showed positive results in just 24 weeks of using Tricomin twice a day.

In order to understand how Tricomin is able to produce such great results, it’s important that you first understand the whole aspect of hair growth. The scalp goes through two phases and these are the resting phase and growth phase. When the resting phase is long, the hair becomes weak and begins to thin or develop some bald spots. Tricomin works by shortening the follicle resting phase. This means that a larger number of follicles are active and can therefore produce more hair. Directing copper peptides to the follicle’s base nourishes the follicles and activates their production even during their resting phase.

It’s important to note that the clinical studies produced no negative side effects.

Which Tricomin Hair Loss Products Can You Use?

There are three very effective Tricomin hair growth products available and these are:

  • Tricomin Therapy Spray: This hair spray has been designed for thinning hair. The follicle therapy spray has been clinically tested to condition and treat the scalp with a unique blend of minerals, amino acids and other essential ingredients. This is a leave-in treatment that can be applied on wet and dry hair.
  • Tricomin Shampoo: Tricomin shampoo cleanses the scalp and restores the structure the hair follicles so as to reduce thinning.
  • Tricomin Conditioner: This conditioner is used along with the Tricomin shampoo and contains the Triamino copper nutritional complex. The leave-in conditioner moisturizes the hair and conditions it leaving you with healthier and stronger hair.

Using the entire range of Tricomin hair loss products is recommended for best results.

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