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Stem Cell Therapy for Female Hair Loss

People who experience hair loss are always looking for new treatment that can help them revive the hair that they have lost. A new treatment focusing on stem cell therapy for female hair loss may provide an alternative to expensive and invasive hair transplant procedures. If things progress as anticipated this treatment could replace hair transplants as the gold standard for treating baldness in the future. Essentially this treatment allows scientists to clone hair which would help to replace follicles that have been damaged or destroyed over time.

Patients who Had Stem Cell Therapy for Female Hair Loss

Arlene Johnson has suffered from hair loss for years, and hopes that this treatment can help her reverse the effects of baldness that she has battled for so long. She says that she has spent up to half an hour every day trying to comb and style her hair with a variety of products to hide the loss of hair. It’s aggravating and ineffective as the treatments continue to take hold. Cosmetic treatments such as stem cell therapy for female hair loss may provide the answer she seeks. Johnson is working with Dr. Daniel McGrath to use stem cells to help increase the health of her scalp.

Female patients have different types of pattern hair loss than men, which means that many of the treatments on the market are not targeted towards this demographic. Stem cells, however, can be utilized to create any type of cell and address baldness regardless of the underlying cause. Thinning hair that women have previously not been able to control can be undone and replaced with regenerated and thickening hair according to Dr. McGrath. This can help to reverse the effects of baldness, eliminating these effects all together over time.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Female Hair Loss Works

To acquire stem cell therapy for female hair loss a sample of the patient’s blood will be taken and will be spun to separate out the plasma. Plasma is high in stem cells that can be used for treatment. This will be mixed with a-cells that the body uses to help heal wounds and injected into numbed areas of the head that are affected by baldness. The doctor will then use massages and tiny needles to create wounds in the scalp, allowing the cells to start healing the flesh, complete with generating new and healthy follicles where the originals have been damaged.

The results seen at Dr. McGrath’s practice are at around 80 percent re-growth across the entire patient base. This is similar to the effects seen at other offices performing similar treatments on patients. This therapy is still being tested for cosmetic use, with stem cells appearing to be the answer to addressing cosmetic issues ranging from hair loss to breast enhancement for women. Currently this hair treatment costs around $3500 per treatment, but many say that if this treatment works it would be well worth the expense. Johnson’s full results will be available in around 6 months.

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Gene Therapy Cure for Baldness May Be Coming in 2014

Men, women and in some cases children can be affected by baldness. Many therapies including topical treatments, hair pieces, wigs, vitamin supplements, drugs, hats, shaving away remaining hair or transplant surgeries are recommended as means of addressing baldness when it occurs. In addition to these direct therapies, a full industry has developed around the idea of helping people cope with hair loss including support groups, hair loss associations and counselors. Because there is so much money to be made from this blossoming industry, there are plenty of groups that are hoping to scam people out of hard earned money to get a cure for their baldness. However, hard science may officially debunk these other so-called cures. The University of Pennsylvania believes they have developed a gene therapy cure for baldness that could officially provide a permanent remedy for this issue.

Using Genes Therapy Cure for Baldness

Scientists once believed that hair follicles develop in the womb and you do not continue to develop follicles after birth. Therefore, when follicles are damaged or shut down there is no way to repair them or get them to go back to growing hair. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania believe that there is a way to manipulate genes to cause them to develop more hair follicles. Dr. George Cotsarelis and his team have manipulated a gene known as Wnt in mice that can be applied to a number of conditions, including treating skin conditions, wounds and hair loss.

Wnt helps to heal wounds and convince the body to grow new hair follicles. Experiments indicate that this process can be manipulated to convince an area to develop many more hair follicles than those that were present previously, effectively creating a gene therapy cure for baldness. To determine this effectiveness, scientists removed samples of skin from mice and increased stem cell activity in the sections the skin was taken from. Blocking Wnt in these sections stopped hair growth, but stimulating Wnt was found to heal the skin without scarring and normal hair growth that would be expected for the fur of a mouse. The follicles that developed in these areas acted like normal follicles, producing hair that looked and acted exactly the same as hair that was present in areas that had not been damaged.

Bringing Gene Therapy for Baldness Public

Technology that was developed to create this gene therapy cure for baldness has been licensed to Follica Inc. in hopes that they will be able to develop a public treatment that could be used to treat hair loss and similar conditions in humans. This could in theory be used to correct scalp conditions excessive hair growth or acne if the genes are manipulated the right way. The key to this development will be determine how to bridge the gap between how these genes behave in mice and how they will behave in humans. There have been initial reports that have worked to isolate the proper genes in humans which should allow for similar manipulation of natural follicles.

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