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Clinical Trials to Grow Hair – Call for Participants 2012

Merck Pharmaceuticals is calling for people living in the New York Area who would like to participate in the Hair Loss Gene Chip Study. The study is under the direction of Dr. Animesh Singha. The project will use micro-arrays or gene chip technology to understand the complex processes need to grow hair. This is a study using RNA rather than DNA genetic models.

Even though researchers are focusing efforts for participants who live in the New York area, they are hoping to find a method where remote sampling can be done for the Phase I project. Merck’s participation in the study to grow hair involves gaining a better understanding of how their product, Propecia, works in different diseases. These trials are for men only between the ages of 18 and 41 in healthy condition.

Aderans is conducting clinical trials and there are still opening in some clinics in the U.S. This is a phase II study as they prepare to get one of their products approved by the FDA and into the pipeline for production. These studies are for males only and involve an in-depth research project to grow hair with men who have androgenetic alopecia.

A collaborative effort between Europe, Asia and U.S. doctors and sponsored by Kerotene, a European product, is doing open trials in 2012 and accepting applicants for several different studies now. The projects involve transplant methods and success rates using their new procedures.

They are seeking identical twins with mild to moderate balding in each of various studies for replacement therapy to grow hair. Both males and female twins are encouraged to participate. The company and sponsors will pay for the transplant procedure but the participants must pay for their own transportation and accommodations during the procedure. The facilities in Zurich, Switzerland will be the location for the clinical trials.

Johnson & Johnson is considering open trials on hair loss restoration by the end of 2012. They have yet to release the precise information on the manner or methods that will be used in these trials.

If you have problems with hair loss or the inability to regrow hair, check out the various clinical trials that may interest you. Several other pharmaceutical teams are preparing to have open trials this year but have yet to find sponsorship. These are usually cutting edge studies that add to the progress of treatments available to grow hair.

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