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Grow Hair Faster with Growth Factor Serums, Anti-DHT Hair Growth Products

If you want to grow hair faster, you should consider trying some of the new hair growth factor serums and anti-DHT products that have come along in recent years. While not a panacea and certainly not a “cure” for hair loss, these new hair growth products do grow hair faster than many things tried in the past.

Grow Hair

To grow hair faster, you need to focus on the root causes of hair loss and hair thinning. For years, researchers have theorized that hair loss is caused by a genetic hyper-sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative from the male sex hormone testosterone. The theory has been that hair follicles gradually shrink and then die when exposed to large amounts of DHT. As a result, the theory goes, to grow hair faster you simply have to limit the amount of DHT on the scalp. There are a number of highly effective anti-DHT shampoos and conditioners on the market now. For example, DS Laboratories Revita Shampoo and Revita.COR conditioner are popular with women who want to grow hair faster and with men who want to regrow lost hair.

The most exciting development in recent years to grow hair, however, has been the discovery that DHT does not cause hair follicles to die, a previously thought, but only to go asleep. In a sense, therefore, hair follicles hibernate. Scientists have discovered a number of special proteins, known as growth factors, that are like chemical alarm clocks and wake dormant hair follicles back up. These growth factors have been proven to stimulate new hair growth and to grow hair faster. One of the earliest and most popular of these new growth factor serums, made from adult stem cells, is Cygenx’s RegenRXx Growth Factor Serum 90. By flooding hair follicles with these specialized chemical wake-up messages, growth factor serums stimulate the follicles to grow hair — to grow hair faster than normal and to regrow hair where none was growing before.

Grow Hair Faster

The problem now is scalp penetration. One solution, which the San Diego company Histogen is working on, is to develop a surgical procedure to inject growth factors beneath the skin and more directly into the scalp. The problem with this approach is that it requires FDA approval, will be expensive and is not available right now.

Another solution is the use of a dermal roller. A dermal roller, which Cygenx sells along with its RegenRXx Growth Factor Serum, puts hundreds of micro holes in your scalp and has been proven to help grow hair faster all by itself. Many hair growth physicians advocate the use of the dermal roller alone to grow hair. However, there is always the possibility of infection and many experts caution that, if you do use a dermal roller, you should do so under the supervision of a doctor — just to make sure you don’t accidentally get an infection.

The third thing you can do to grow hair faster is to try cold laser treatments, such as the LaserComb. The FDA has approved the use of cold lasers as a legitimate hair treatment to grow hair and to grow hair faster. Some people are satisfied with the results and find that, at the very least, the cold lasers slow hair loss. Others are disappointed.

The bottom line is this: If you would like to grow hair, there are more options today than in the past. If you just suffer from thinning hair or would like thicker hair or to grow hair faster, then these hair loss products might actually help — anti-DHT shampoos and conditions like Revita Shampoo and Revita.COR, growth factors serums like RegenRXx, and cold lasers like the LaserComb. If you suffer from severe male pattern baldness, however, then these hair growth products likely will leave you disappointed. They will help you grow hair and even grow hair faster, but won’t give you the volume you need for cosmetic purposes.

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Is Your Hair Falling Out from Stress?

There are indications that hair falling out from stress and malnutrition are associated. The suggested rationale for the link between the two is that one creates the other. It doesn’t matter which come first. Each exacerbates the other condition. As a result, the treatment method chosen must address both issues simultaneously.

Stress related hair loss can occur after surgery or a severe illness. It is also associated with the stress of combat or living in a war zone. Others sources of stress include work-level overload and abusive relationships. The human body is a fragile eco-system teetering on the balance of the way in which you live. Hair falling out from stress can be treated using a combination of methods.

The severity of shedding and it’s permanency must first be determined before treatment begins. In some instances, hair falling out from stress is only temporary and will grow back on its own. In either case, the issues of poor nutrition needs to be handled as soon as possible. There are many unique ways to acquire the minerals and nutrients needed. One such way is by using a wider variety of herbs in cooking.

For permanent manifestations of hair falling out from stress, counseling is usually one of the treatments used. Sometimes, such counseling is minimal just to help you deal with the fear associated with the trauma experienced – such as a death in the family. Longer-term emotional counseling is used for those who have disorders such as posttraumatic stress syndrome. In either case, hair loss can be stopped by combining topical treatments.

Another situation where hair falling out from stress occurs is when you live with an abusive situation. This can mean emotional or mental abuse as well as physical confrontation. Often people who live in abusive situations do not realize that this is the case. Abuse happens slowly over a period of time and people adjust to it. One reaction is to attempt to be perfect and not disappoint the other party.

Hair falling out from stress in children nearly always requires some form of emotional counseling. Frequently, the abusive situation is discovered with children who habitually pull, tug or twist their hair to the point that it falls out. Abusive situations are not the only reason for children twisting and pulling their hair, however. Other reasons causing the stress may be the cause.

No amount of nutrition or treatment can change the reason for your stress. But, hair falling out from stress is a serious symptom that there is something medically wrong and deserves your attention to fix it.

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Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide

Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide

Biostem U.S., which describes itself as a “technology licensing company” with hair regrowth treatment using using human stem cells, is seeking to expand its operations worldwide. The company, a NEvada corporation based in Clearwater, FLorida, recently announced the change of its stock symbol to HAIR. The company offers hair growth treatments that feature a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, the user of low level lasers, nutritional supplements and other hair products to stimulate new hair growth. The company is hoping to license its technology to private clinics around the world. Its first clinic outside of the Clearwater area is in Ohio.

Biostem was founded by two hair restoration doctors, Dr. John Satino and board-certified Medical Director Dr. Michael Markou, who work out of the Hair and Scalp Clinics in Clearwater, Florida.

It appears that the technique used by Dr. Satino and Dr. Markou is a variation on a technique used by some other hair restoration doctors around the world, which is to gently “wound” or irritate the scalp and then use injections of concentrated growth factors, taken from Platelet Rich Plasma, to stimulate hair follicle regeneration. Recent research has show that the “healing” process in skin seems to have this stimulating effect. Dr. Satino and Dr. Markou use special CO2 lasers to assist them in the gentle wounding of the scalp. They follow up the PRP process with other proven hair growth treatments, including low level lasers and nutritional supplements.

In addition to patients suffering from male pattern baldness, Dr. Satino and Markou have also used their techniques for patients suffering from alopecia areata and female hair loss.

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Treating Hair Loss with Women Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is quite common, especially in aging women. The American Hair Loss Association tells that about 80 percent of women experience hair loss by the age of 60. Hair loss is known clinically as alopecia and it’s important to remember that not all forms of hair loss are cause for concern. The average healthy person sheds as many as 100 hairs a day. However, if you notice that you are shedding more hair than normal its best to visit a dermatologist.

Hair loss is brought about by various factors and age, heredity, hormonal changes, stress, smoking, poor diet, as well as some of the hair care practices we employ could be responsible. Luckily there is something you can do about your hair loss and there are various women hair loss products that you can use.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Women Hair Loss Products?

The hair loss products you choose to use should be largely dependent on the cause of the extremity hair loss and that nature of the loss as well. You also need to keep in mind factors such as the type of medication you are receiving, if any. There is no shortage of hair loss products for women and you can choose those made using natural ingredients. These products are usually labeled as organic or herbal products. You could also go for the ingredients with chemicals. Women hair loss products range from shampoos to conditioners, hair oils, treatments and supplements. Due to the fact that there are so many hair loss products, choosing the right one for you can be daunting task.

The first thing you need to do is seek medical advice from a dermatologist. One of the major reasons why so many women fail to treat their hair loss successfully is because they simply buy products without proper diagnosis. Knowing and treating the cause of the hair loss will definitely help you find an effective situation.
Like we mentioned the nature of the hair loss and its severity matter. While over-the-counter products work great, sometimes you may require prescription hair loss products. This is especially the case in severe cases of hair loss.

You also might want to consider the end results in mind. You must remember that the average rate of hair growth can be quite slow and regaining your full head of hair could take anything between two to five years. Women hair loss products that promise you overnight hair growth are not worth trusting.

What Are The Different Types of Women Hair Loss Products Available?

Hair Growth Shampoos & Conditioners: Shampoos and conditioners that strengthen the hair are essential since they prevent hair loss. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation by massaging the head while cleaning it and you can also exfoliate the scalp with a scrub.

Supplements: There are various hair loss supplements in the market and these include: vitamins such as biotin, calcium and iron. Saw palmetto, stinging nettle, horsetail and pygeum are other supplements that are said to contain powerful nutrients that slow down hair loss. High quality, low cost supplements that help with hair loss (saw palmetto) are available online.

Herbs: There are countless herbal remedies in the market that you can use to boost the re-growth of your hair. Ensure that you first seek your dermatologists go ahead before trying out any herbal remedies or products.

Hair Growth Oils: There are a good number of hair oils that help in treating hair loss and these contain ingredients such as biotin, essential oils like as castor oil, silica, keratin and many more.

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Can stem cell hair loss products give you 1,000 new hairs?

What if hair loss products could grow 1,000 new hairs on your head? Would you be interested?

Well, that’s one of the claims that has been made for a stem cell approach to treating hair loss: 1,000 new hairs.

But before you run out and sign up, consider this: The average adult has approximately 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles on his or her head and up to 5 million follicles on the entire body. (Yes, there are some variations between men and women.) But the point is this: 1,000 new hairs, while exciting, will not cover your head. It’s a start, but not enough for a cosmetically pleasing result.

We’ve recently posted on our site a very exciting research paper on stem cell treatments for hair loss. It’s the ground-breaking research that discovered that the hair follicles in bald men are not “dead” but only dormant… and that the trick to slowing down and reversing hair loss is to give these stem cells the chemicals signals they need (known as growth factors) to, in a sense, wake up. Click on the link below to read the paper…

Bald scalp in men with androgenetic alopecia
retains hair follicle stem cells but lacks
CD200-rich and CD34-positive hair follicle
progenitor cells

As for practicalities, right now there are only two ways to use this breakthrough research for yourself: (1) Sign up for a clinical trial for experimental stem cell treatments at research laboratories; or (2) try one of a tiny handful of topical stem cell growth serums that are derived from Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (HFCM).

Growth factor serums are now being sold that take adult stem cells, usually from fat tissue, and culture them in laboratory media… allowing the stem cells to excrete what are called “growth factors.” It is these growth factors that scientists now believe are the key to reviving dormant stem cells.

However, here’s the big unanswered question: Can the use of TOPICAL growth factor serums penetrate deep enough in the scalp to revive the dormant stem cells? The manufacturers say that they do… and we have heard from delighted customers who claim it definitely has slowed down their hair loss. (We also heard from one customer, a totally bald man, who said it didn’t help him enough to make it worth while. As I said, 1,000 hairs sounds like a lot but, even if true, and I don’t know that it is, that’s not enough to cover a totally bald head.)

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Get Rid Of Hair Loss with Nisim Hair Loss Products

Hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women. Although men seem to suffer more from hair loss particularly baldness, women also undergo hair thinning. There are various treatments in the market and most of these treatments work only to a certain degree.

Nisim hair loss products are proving to be quite effective when it comes to managing hair loss in both men and women. The Nisim hair loss range has a wide range of shampoos and conditioners which use only the safest ingredients giving hair loss patients a reason to smile. Nisim hair loss shampoo is particularly very popular and this is because the shampoos help to control excessive hair loss with its herbal ingredients. The popular Nisim Newhair Biofactors has been successfully preventing hair loss for two decades throughout 40 countries which just goes to show that it is a product worth reckoning. Besides their world renowned hair loss shampoo, Nisim also have their F.A.S.T package which contains a shampoo and conditioner as well. Their F.A.S.T hair growth formula promises to deliver 99 percent hair growth and so far it has sold more than 1.5 million bottles. This is a great feat to achieve considering they have not spent millions in advertising or marketing the range of products.

Why Nisim Hair Loss Products?

Nisim hair loss products are designed to cater for different types of hair and this has been very effective in tackling hair loss. Their hair loss formula strengthens hair which in effect discourages thinning and hair loss. Now one of the major reasons why Nisim hair loss treatments stand out is the ingredients used. These treatments are made using herbal products which have been proven to control hair loss and balding as well. They contain an intricate mixture of natural herb extracts such as saw palmetto extract and DHT blocker which create a healthy environment for the hair to thrive.

Who Needs Nisim Hair Loss Products?

Nisim hair loss products can be used to treat various types of hair loss. Whether you are suffering from traction alopecia which is caused by constant pulling of the hair follicles or androgenic alopecia which is the most common hair loss problem in men and women, Nisim range of hair loss products can help.

There are two categories of Nisim hair loss products and these are:

  • Dry hair treatments
  • Oily hair treatments

It’s important to note that both the oily and dry hair treatments can also be used on normal hair. The treatments are guaranteed to help your hair loss problems and a good example in the Nisim New Hair Biofactors range of shampoos. These shampoos contain ingredients such as biotin, rosemary extract, chamomile, horsetail extract and other ingredients known for their potent hair rejuvenation properties.

If you notice any of the following hair loss signs, you may want to begin using Nisim hair loss products.

  • A receding hairline at the forehead
  • Weakened hair and clumps of hair in the comb and bathroom floor due to constant shedding
  • Visible signs of less hair in the head or hair thinning
  • Visible patches of hair
  • Widening gaps revealing the scalp

Nisim hair loss products have been used for decades and their results speak for themselves.

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Hair Loss Products: RepliCel Life Sciences to Conduct Phase II Clinical Trials of its Hair Cell Replication Technology

RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced February 5th that it is negotiating with German government officials for its upcoming Phase II clinical trial for its hair multiplication product, known as RCH-0, at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), a medical regulatory agency located in Langen, Germany.

The clinical trial will test the effectiveness of RCH-01 in more than 100 male volunteers suffering from various stages of hair loss. The purpose of the clinical trial is to further test the safety of RCH-01 injections as well as to determine the optimal protocol for the treatment to increase hair growth.

Hair Loss Products That Grow New Hair

“We are happy with the progress made with the design of our upcoming Phase II trial and are quite eager to get input from the PEI that will allow us to conduct the best clinical trial for the development of our product,” said Darrell Panich, Replicel’s vice president of clinical affairs. “Designing a trial in consultation with the PEI will facilitate the completion of the formal clinical trial application for our upcoming trial.”

Replicel is has developed what is says is a natural hair cell replication technology that, it claims, has the potential to become the world’s first “minimally invasive solution” for androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) and general hair loss in both men and women. The technology involves removing hair follicles from a patient’s scalp, reproducing them in a laboratory, and then re-injecting them into various sites on the scalp – much like “re-seeding” a lawn. This hair cell replication technology would overcome one of the principal obstacles for surgical hair restoration: the lack of a sufficient amount of donor hair on many patients for a cosmetically satisfying result. The RepliCel technology, if it works, would provide what its supporters hope will be a virtually limitless amount of donor follicles for “re-seeding.”

The Phase II clinical trial represents a significant advance in the research. In the Phase I clinical trial, the company produced only 16 “data points.” The Phase II trial aims at 288, enough to determine the optimal type and amount of injections for treating hair loss.

The Vancouver, B.C.-based company says it has won patents for its technology from both the European Union and Australia and that patents are currently pending in other jurisdictions.

“The Company has made significant advancements in its manufacturing procedures and these improvements are expected to have a meaningful impact on our RCH-01 program,” said Replicel CEO David Hall, in a written statement released in early February. “We are committed to receiving guidance and implementing the recommendations provided by the regulatory authorities to ensure we have a well-constructed Phase II trial that will lead to the optimum dose to treat pattern baldness.”

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What Are the Top 10 Hair Loss Products?

Hair loss could occur due to hormonal, systemic or chemical imbalances in the body. The average person sheds about 50 to 100 hairs every day, anything more than that could be regarded as alopecia. Alopecia is the name used to describe hair loss in the medical world.

There are far too many hair loss products in the drug stores these days and regrettably, most of them don’t work. However, we know the ones that work and we have compiled a list of the top 10 hair loss products.

Here Are The Top 10 Hair Loss Products?

    1. Hair Cubed Microfiber hair Thickener: This product helps to conceal your hair loss. Its fibers create an instantly fuller head and the good thing is that you can use it with your hair loss medication and styling products.
    2. Shen Min DHT Blocker – Hair Regrowth Formula: As the name suggests, this formula helps boost hair growth. The product is made using all natural ingredients and most people will see noticeable results in as little as 3 to 4 months.
  1. D.S Laboratories Spectral DNC: This hair loss product is available in a small 60ml bottle and its ingredients are highly effective. It’s made using 5 percent Minoxidil and Aminexil which are potent hair restoration substances. The product is suitable for use by men and women.
  2. Energizer Hair Follicle Stimulator: This hair stimulator combines jojoba oil, vitamin B-5 and a wide array of herbs to produce an effective hair loss product. The product not only works to encourage regrowth, it also treats a wide array of scalp problems.
  3. Rene Furterer Triphasic Regenerating Hair Loss Serum: This hair loss serum slows down the hair loss process. It works to protect the hair from shedding and stimulates the follicles to encourage new hair growth.
  4. Men’s Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment: This men’s hair growth treatment contains a clinically proven ingredient for hair growth and this is Minoxidil. The product has 5 percent Minoxidil and is very effective in regenerating the hair. There is a women’s Rogaine hair regrowth formula for women as well.
  5. Nioxin Scalp Therapy: We cannot have the top 10 hair loss products and fail to include Nioxin. Nioxin scalp treatments work on the hair entirely and you will notice thickening from the cuticle. The hair shaft also strengthens thanks to the deep conditioning power of Nioxin.
  6. Shen Min Advanced Formula for Women: This advanced formula extends the follicles growth phase. This in effect reduces breakage and thinning. The formula naturally thickens the hair and energizes the scalp as well.
  7. Bosley Health Hair Complex Regrowth Treatment for Men: This product is specially formulated to treat hair loss in men and it can be highly effective in creating a frontal balance for men with a receding hairline.
  8. Sigma Skin Hair Regrowth System – Stimulating Shampoo: This stimulating shampoo found in the Sigma hair growth system contains ingredients such as Biotin which is an essential protein in preventing hair loss. The shampoo regulates oil production which has been known to damage hair follicles.

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Hair Loss Products Carlsbad, Ca: What Really Works?

Do you have thinning hair or patches of hair loss? You are not alone. Alopecia is a condition that affects millions of people and it does not discriminate against age, gender or orientation. Although certain groups of people are at a higher likelihood of developing hair loss, this is something that could happen to any of us. Before you can begin looking for hair loss products Carlsbad, Ca you need to first identify the cause of the thinning. In women, most hair loss cases are hormonal. In men, it’s mostly hereditary and hormonal as well. The hair care products we use have a crucial role to play in treating hair loss. Synthetic chemicals may do more harm than good in controlling your hair loss and today we will be highlighting the ingredients that work and could contribute to hair loss.

Hair Loss Products Carlsbad, Ca: Which Ingredients Work?

Propecia: Not many people like Propecia as it comes with some not too pleasant side effects such as vertigo, headaches and decreased libido. However, you need to recognize that this is one of the only two approved hair loss ingredients by the FDA. In fact, Propecia has scientifically proven that it can treat and reverse male pattern balding.

Minoxidil: Minoxidil is a highly effective ingredient and you will find in hair loss products such as Rogaine for men and women. This ingredient is highly potent and forces the hair to grow way beyond its normal growth range. Like we mentioned you can find it in various hair loss products Carlsbad, Ca. You can also use it as a steroid for more direct results. Minoxidil can help treat hair loss caused by auto immune disorders, chemotherapy, pattern baldness and telogen effluvium.

Vitamin B Complex: Surprisingly, these vitamins are not FDA approved despite their powerful hair loss results. When we talk of the Vitamin B complex we mean Vitamins B6 and B12, Folic Acid and biotin. Biotin is one of the most sought after ingredients in hair loss products. These vitamins carry oxygen to all your body organs and these include the hair hence encouraging hair growth. You can use the vitamin supplements directly or look for hair loss products Carlsbad, Ca with these ingredients, particularly biotin.

Ingredients You Ought To Avoid In Hair Loss Products Carlsbad, Ca

Cleaning the hair creates an environment where hair can thrive and grow to become healthy and string. However, there are ingredients found in shampoos and conditioners that may increase the rate of hair loss and these are:

Sulfates: Many cheap shampoos and conditioners use sulfates because they foam easily. However, these sulfates particularly sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate damage the hair follicles and could lead to hair loss.

Formaldehyde: This ingredient is said to have disinfectant qualities but studies also show that it may have carcinogenic properties. The chemical also damages DNA and studies show that excessive exposure to the chemical could cause hair loss.

Sodium Chloride: Sodium chloride is used to thicken hair shampoos and conditioners. However, it excessively dries out the scalp and this could lead to some hair loss.

Knowing the ingredients to that work and those that cause damage will help you have an easier time finding effective hair loss products Carlsbad, Ca.

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Folligen’s Different Approach to Hair Loss Products

One of man’s greatest fears in modern times is baldness and with good reason. It effects up to 70% of men to some degree and 15% of women. In a society where looks play an important role, people are always trying to find a way to cover up or regrow their hair. With such a big business and so many desperate people, companies have been coming out with products to help against hair loss left and right. Unfortunately, most of these products use almost the exact same ingredients with only a slight change in proportions. This means that if one of these products doesn’t work well for you, it is likely that most of the others will not either. However, there are a few products that have been venturing into different territory, such as Folligen.

Folligen is actually a range of products that can be used in different combinations, depending on the severity and area of your head that the alopecia (baldness) has affected. However, the cornerstones of the product line are the lotion, cream and therapy spray. It was developed by Dr. Loren Pickart who has been doing research on reversing the effects of aging on skin. He discovered a Copper peptide complex that was shown to have good effects on women over the age of 35. He also eventually found that using this same compound, he was able to stimulate hair growth and even bring back your hair’s natural color.

How it Works: Folligen contains many ingredients, but the ones that are primary for helping with hair loss and regrowth are the copper peptides and Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto is used to inhibit the alpha-5 reductase enzyme that is known to produce the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. DHT attaches itself to the roots of your hair follicles and causes them to shrink over time. This is actually a natural process that should take decades, but because of genetic traits it happens much more quickly in some men and women. When the process speeds up, your immune system believes something is wrong and reduces blood flow to the area causing inflammation that will kill the follicle. By cutting off the production of DHT, you can control the amount of hair loss.

Copper peptides have shown to have major effects on the skin’s health and can also encourage hair growth. It can revitalize the scalp and remove the DHT that has seeped to the surface of the skin. The peptides can also rejuvenate your healthy hair as well, strengthening the roots and thickening the stems. One interesting side effect that has been noted is that older people with grey or white hair who use Folligen find that hair regrowth is in their natural color.

Effectiveness: Folligen has mixed reviews. While many people agree that it has had remarkable results on their scalp condition and the rate of hair loss, very few noted a large amount of hair regrowth. Much like other over-the-counter medications, Folligen takes time to produce real results, usually up to three months. These are also products to use when you first notice signs of thinning. For those with severe symptoms a much stronger product is advised. It is possible to use Folligen with other hair loss products so take that into account when you are deciding. Many people who find copper peptides and caffeine to be effective (and give you that “tingling” sensation in your scalp) use the DS Laboratories’ products, such as Revita and Revita.COR. (WARNING: This website earns a sales commission on sale of DS Labs products and therefore has a conflict of interest. Buyer beware!!)

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