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Crinagen — A Simple Way to Help Hair Loss

Hair loss has always been a bane among men and women alike, but in recent years it has evolved into a whole new kind of headache. In the past, there were only a few things you could do when you noticed that your hair was starting to thin; you could get a wig or a hat or just shave it all off.

Nowadays there are so many complicated treatments and procedures that you can be spending a fortune on your hair just to watch it continue to fall out. It can be a terrible experience to go through, especially if it becomes a cycle with every group of products that you try. However, there are few simple products that you can try that might help with your hair loss, such as Crinagen.

Crinagen is topical agent that can be used as a spray or a dropper. It was developed by Dr. Nasser Razack who started to experience hair loss in his mid-20s. After extensive research he published a book called “Conquering Hair Loss, A Complete Medical Guide to Hair Loss Assessment, Prevention and Restoration.” Soon after this he also released Crinagen to the public. Its formula is all natural and actually comes in two separate formulas, one for men and one for women. One other impressive thing about his product is that he constantly improves it as his research continues.

Inside Crinagen: Crinagen, like most other hair loss formulas today, focuses on blocking the production of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone. DHT attaches itself to your hair follicles, causing oil buildup that will eventually cause them to shrink. Your immune system then kicks in with an inflammatory response that shrinks the localized blood vessels and kills the follicle all together. Crinagen targets the alpha-5 reductase that turns testosterone into DHT. This in turn reduces the DHT that forms in the scalp and the damage that the immune system causes.

Crinagen has several active ingredients, including: Azelaic Acid, Zinc Acetate, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Serenoa Repens and Ginkgo Biloba. The Zinc and Serenoa Repens are the primary ingredients used to stop the production of DHT. All of these ingredients are taken from plant extracts and no alcohol is used in Crinagen, which makes it better for sensitive skin.

How Effective is It? Crinagen definitely has a few advantages over its competition. It can act as a stand-alone product unlike others that require you to use a shampoo or pills. Like most other over-the-counter products it can take a long time to see real results, up to three months, so you have to be patient. Another down side is that using it as spray can be tricky, because it can easily miss the targeted hair follicles and can take a long time to dry once applied.

Like most other products of its kind Crinagen shows a lot of promise in helping to slow down hair loss and regrow some hair, but if you have heavy hair loss you will want to look for a stronger product. It is also possible to use Crinagen in unison with other oral or shampoo products.

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What is Viviscal Hair Loss Product?

When you read reviews on Viviscal, you realize there isn’t a lot of information on the Internet. No one seems to know what is Viviscal vitamins. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from significant hair loss, Viviscal for hair can help. Viviscal is actually a family of products: there is a oral dietary supplement, a shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion.

Reviews for Viviscal: The dietary supplement claims to replace the nutrients in your system that helps your body produce hair, skin and nails. The exclusive Amino Mar C Marine complex provides a unique combination of ingredients that is guaranteed to promote healthy hair growth in users without any unpleasant side effects. Only those with a significant allergy to fish, or those pregnant or breastfeeding are restricted from using this versatile product. Since the formula is all natural, those who lost their hair due to a chemical reaction can still use this product, even if they are still on other medications for their condition.

Most hair loss products are applied topically and then massaged in. This product is different. Viviscal is taken orally so your body can break down the nutrients and use them throughout your body. As your body becomes more nourished, it will become easier to produce strong, healthy hair follicles. It takes 3-4 months to absorb the nutrients fully. At this point you will start to notice thin hairs starting to grow in areas that were previously bald. You will probably notice thinning and hear breakage slowing down throughout the process. Before you know it, healthy, vibrant hair will be growing over areas that were completely bald before.

Each box of Viviscal includes 60 tablets, or enough for one month. You should take two tablets each day. Pair your dose with a meal so you can get plenty of food and water in your system at the same time. This will help ensure that the vitamins in the tablets are absorbed at the optimum rate. If you are hoping to stock up on the product, the company frequently offers promotions through their Facebook and Twitter that can help you save money. Large orders usually earn free shipping as well. You can sign up for auto ship so you never have to worry about running out of your supplement.

A number of studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of hair loss supplements. In a recent study, 40 women with an average age of 35 took hair loss supplements for 10 weeks. The subjects saw an average of 46 percent improvement in their hair loss throughout the course of the study. Six months later, Viviscal users reported a 75 percent improvement in their condition. In a second study, men underwent the same treatment. All of the users reported that their hair stopped thinning after using the product for 2 months. After 6 months, men saw an average of 38 percent improvement in their condition.

With results like these, it is hard to ignore the benefits of taking on a supplement regimen program to improve your hair loss. Whether you are hoping to prevent hair loss or you are hoping you can get hair to grow back, there is a solution to be found. Viviscal has the potential to help many different users that are suffering from hair loss caused by a variety of conditions.

Viviscal ingredients include: AminoMar C™ Marine Complex (300 mg); Horsetail Extract (actually a form of silica); Vitamin C (30 mg in form of Acerola Cherry Extract); ; Microcrystalline Cellulose (E460); Natural Orange Flavour, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (E464), Glycerol.

Side Effects of Viviscal: There is not a lot of information about side effects of Viviscal.

Where can I buy Viviscal: You can buy the various Viviscal products online or, soon, through our online store.

For more information on Viviscal and other advanced hair loss products, please fill in the form below:

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