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New Study Shows Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex Produces 20% More Hair

Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) is one of the most widely anticipated hair loss products in the hair loss industry. Both women and men who suffer from hair loss have been waiting for literally years for this product to hit the market – and after years of delays and lawsuits, it’s now completing its clinical trials.

In late October, Histogen CEO Gail K. Naughton finally presented the results of the company’s double-blind Phase I/II clinical trial at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) annual meeting in the Bahamas. The title of her paper was, “Scalp Injection of Active Embryonic-like Cell-secreted Proteins and Growth Factors.”

The results appeared to be exciting but not revolutionary. Naughton reported a very favorable 86% response rate from patients tested. What’s more, she reported that the increase in total hair count was substantially above an earlier trial.

Yet the actual results probably won’t result in a new head of hair for bald men — a mean increase of 39% in terminal hairs and 19.4% in total hair count in this age group in the current trial. The doctor in the video posted above is unimpressed. But like most hair restoration surgeons, this doctor has a vested interest in dissing non-surgical methods of treating hair loss. Still, I think his comments are interesting and well worth hearing. (When will these companies stop playing games with lighting, for example? We’re all on to that!)

Now, 20% more hair will appeal to many people… if that is what it means. Whether this will be a viable treatment for men and women suffering from genetic pattern baldness, however, remains to be seen.

Naughton stressed that the Histogen product produced results in all age groups, not just among the young in early stages of hair loss. What’s more, it appears to be effective in all areas of the scalp, including places not normally responsive to hair loss products.

The trial was small. Fifty six men suffering from male pattern baldness were given injections of Hair Stimulating Complex – a proprietary formula of growth factors. Histogen describes HSC was being made up of “the products of cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions” – which probably means growth factors and cytokines produced by stem cells.

In this, HSC seems similar to other growth factor serums on the market, such as Cygenx’s RegenRXx, only that HSC has to be injected under the skin in a clinic.

Still no word yet on when Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex will be available to the general public. Stay tuned!

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