Triaxon Hair Loss Products

Triaxon hair loss products are currently being used as a hair loss remedy in more than 50 countries all over the world. These products have been developed to provide a solution to thinning hair. Clinical research has indicated that Triaxon can indeed dramatically enhance the appearance of thinning hair. Triaxon products arrest hair loss in both men and women thanks to what they term as their ‘time released serum technologies’. According to their company website, Triaxon has been clinically proven to produce effective results in both men and women. To be more specific, it is 97 percent effective when used by women and 94 percent effective when used by men. The product deals with the common trouble areas particularly the front part of the hair line.

Triaxon hair loss products are made using some highly powerful ingredients and they mix both herbal extracts with various ingredients to create their powerful line of hair growth products. Some of the ingredients you are bound to come across include: ginseng root extract, sage leaf extract, rosemary extracts, chamomile flower extract and vitamin D3 just to mention a few.

Which Triaxon Hair Loss Products Are Best For You?

Triaxon serums are sold as package and they are divided into two categories which are:


  • Triaxon Ultra Powershot II with Tricogensis Complex
  • Triaxon Re.Balance Advanced Serum


The Triaxon Ultra Powershot II with Tricogensis Complex is recommended for evening use which means that you are supposed to use it just before bedtime. While it has been designed for both men and women, each group has their different indications and women in particular are advised to apply about 15 drops of the oil into the affected area of the scalp area. In women, it is the front hair line that is most affected by thinning. The sides and back of the hair also suffer from hair. Although the top side of the head and crown also experience hair thinning, this is not very common in women. When it comes to men, the top part and the crown are most affected. The front hairline and sides are other parts that men may need to apply Triaxon serum and it’s recommended that they used between six and eight drops to cover the affected areas of the scalp. This Ultra Powershot II serum works by dealing with excessive build-up of serum in the scalp and it also addresses DHT presence.

The Triaxon Re.Balance Advanced serum is used after the Ultra Powershot II Serum. Its main task is to extend the anagen phase which is the hairs growing phase. This product is applied only on the front hairline and the scalp top.

Who Can Benefit From Triaxon Hair Loss Products?

Triaxon hair loss products are designed for both men and women. You don’t need to have experienced full blown balding in order to begin using hair therapy. It is in fact more effective when used in the earliest stages of hair thinning. Person’s suffering from androgenetic alopecia and other types of alopecia can all restore their hair to a certain degree with the treatment.

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