Ovation Hair: Not the Best Choice for Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

Ovation Hair, the company behind Mega-Tek and Ovation Hair Therapy, created quite a buzz in the hair treatment community with their aggressive marketing and radio ad campaigns in 2008. In the end, it seemed like much ado about nothing and the Ovation Hair Therapy did not prove to be as successful as its counterpart Mega-Tek, which was meant for horses but is reportedly used by people.

Ovation Hair Therapy system promotes a shampoo, hair therapy hair treatment and a cream rinse moisturizer regime. Following this regime reportedly causes hair to grow at an increased rate. The product that causes the hair growth is the Ovation Hair Therapy hair treatment. The active ingredient in the treatment formula is Panthenol, a pro vitamin that is a natural constituent of healthy hair. According to research, Panthenol has a moisturizing effect and can repair damaged hair but does not support hair regrowth.

Due to its promising claims, many women have turned to this product in hopes of improving their hair condition. However, a point to be considered is that this hair growth product is not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved which makes one question its claims. Overall the product has received mixed reviews, with many negative reviews along with positive. Some users have reported positive short-term outcomes but negative long-term results.

Moreover, the American Hair Loss Association does not recommend this product. Hence, it should be used with caution because there might be a plethora of problems waiting to erupt. The company’s site also does not clearly indicate if the product prevents hair loss and causes growth or whether it leads to regeneration and subsequent growth. In addition, not enough evidence is available regarding whether the hair growth product can be used on it own or must it be used with the whole package, including the shampoo and the cream rinse moisturizer.

Since the relevant associations have yet to approve this product, some other points that need to be considered are whether this product can be used in conjunction with products from other companies or will that cause allergic reactions. At the moment some side effects to the hair growth treatment product reported by consumers include dry scalp and excessive hair loss.

Overall the product has failed to deliver its promises of causing hair growth. Consumers have to keep in mind that an effective marketing campaign and a well organized website are not the main ingredients of a product and it is important for a product to be approved by the relevant authorities.

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