Nisim Hair Loss Products: A More Natural Way to Fight Baldness

Nisim hair loss products are becoming increasingly popular. Losing your hair is not a fun experience, especially when you’ve grown up in a world where having the perfect looks is a vital tool for survival. Thanks to medical breakthroughs and some interesting innovations, many ways to battle this mysterious disease have been cropping up. Several companies have formed around medical procedures that will transplant your hair from other parts of your body or use other kinds of grafts to cover up the balding spots. Many pharmaceutical companies also jumped into the fray with their own blended formulas of pills and ointments. Now companies of all kinds have jumped on this lucrative business, bringing with them such a dizzying array of cheap products that it can be hard to weed out the duds. The target for today is Nisim.

Nisim NewHair Biofactors is a whole range of products that is produced by Nisim International. They produce a wide array of products for treatment of skin and hair issues, which use all natural ingredients. Instead of relying on pills, Nisim offers a hair-loss control shampoo that is supposed to work in unison with their hair and scalp extract that focuses on regrowing lost hair. Using both of these in tandem is supposed to stop hair loss within a week and regrow hair that has been lost within the last five months.

Nisim Hair Loss Products: How Do They Work?

The base of Nisim’s treatment plan is their cleansing shampoo. It has a lot of ingredients that are all natural and focuses on strengthening your hair and cleaning your scalp. One of the primary reasons that hair loss happens more quickly for some than others is the oil build up that occurs from the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormones that are attached to your hair follicles. By cleansing your scalp, you are effectively controlling the amount of hair that is falling out. It also works the same, if not better than other shampoos in refortifying your hair and keeping it manageable.

However, the shampoo only works as a controlling agent and has had very little effect in actually regrowing hair. For this Nisim created a hair & scalp extract. This is a leave-in ointment that you massage into your scalp twice a day. It is meant to further fortify the scalp and help regenerate follicles into regrowth. This comes in two formulas for aesthetic reasons, but both have the same ingredients and do the same thing. To obtain optimal results, you should use the extract for 18~24 months and continue to use the shampoo for as long as you wish afterward.

Do Nisim Hair Loss Products Really Work?

Nisim’s various products do have ingredients that are proven to help in hair loss and several reviews have stated that they were able to get rapid hair loss under control. However, the reviews are mixed as to whether it can actually regrow old hair. With an 18 to 24 month waiting time, many have probably not stayed around to see if the extract works at its full potency. However, the shampoo works well as a stand-alone product that can be easily used with other medications, but be sure to have a good conditioner because its powerful formula can dry out your hair. One added bonus though, if you do not see marked decrease in hair loss, Nisim does provide a money-back guarantee.

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