Vichy Laboratories: How Neogenic Hair Loss Product Stimulates Stem Cell Functioning and New Hair Growth

We recently received an email from the scientific communication director of Vichy Laboratories, the company that has recently launched the new hair loss product called Neogenic. They wanted to correct or amplify some information found on our website — particularly the way the active ingredient in Neogenic, Stemoxydine, acts and the benefits it provides on hair.

“First of all, this new patented molecule doesn’t counteract but precisely mimics the effects of the hypoxic environment to favour the good functioning of stem cells. More dormant bulbs wake up. The efficacy of stemoxydine has been doubly established in vitro. The importance of the dormant phase (also called kenogen phase) has been highlighted through a publication (AG Messenger, Br.J.Dermatol. 2011 165 (Suppl. 3), pp 26) showing that the longer the kenogen phase is, the more empty bulbs there are and thus the density decreases.

“L’Oreal Research (Malgouries S., Thibaut S. & Bernard B.A. Br.J.Dermatol. 2008, 158: 234-242) discovered that the hypoxic environment was favourable to stem cells functioning (especially CD34+ stem cells in the lower reservoir of follicle) that are responsible for triggering to neogen phase and then conduct to new hair growth (new follicle cycle). A correlation has also been shown between decreased number of CD34+ stem cells and alopecia (L.A.Garza et al., J.Clin.Invest. 2011, 121:613-622).

“To confirm those in vitro data, we conducted a double-blind vs placebo clinical study led by Dr Pascal Reygagne (Dermatologist and trichologist-Centre Sabouraud at Saint-Louis Hospital, Paris). The recruitment has been done as followed: 100 men 18 to 55 years old with a hair loss from III to IV on the Hamilton Norwood scale. The objective results have been measured after a 3 months treatment thanks to the phototrichogram technique and have shown a gain of 4% of density equivalent to 1700 new hair.

“Through this study we have never measured the length, the caliber or pigmentation or another quality of thinning hair but only the gain of density. Of course we do not claim making the hair reborn if the bulb is already dead (it’s too late and stem cells are no more functioning) but we aim to awaken long dormant bulbs. And following the clinical study we recommend a 3 months treatment to provide better results.”

I hesitate to provide a translation into layman’s language… but here goes. Hypoxia (a low oxygen environment) has to shown to help stem cells functioning and, thus, to help stimulate new hair growth. The active ingredient in Neogenic, Stemoxydine, apparently induces hypoxia in hair follicle builds and thus provides a “favorable” environment for stem cell to flourish.

We have received a lot of email from subscribers about this new product, Neogenic, but have yet to hear when it will be available in the United States. We asked the scientific communications director who sent the above email to please let us know how our subscribes can get some Neogenic as soon as it is available — and we will let you know what she says. One hair loss website is reporting that it’s available now in France for €79.90 for a one month supply.

Stay tuned! As is usual with the whole hair loss field, this represents another tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle. While we’re a long way from finishing the puzzle, the scientists seem to be beginning to recognize patterns, see where some of the pieces fit together. The edges seem to be almost complete. (Sorry for this extended metaphor.) Now we just have to fill in the middle parts.

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