Hello. My name is Julian Phillips. Some friends and I started StemCellBaldnessCures.com back in 2008 when the first news reports appeared about new stem cell treatment for hair loss and other advanced hair loss products. At the time, it seemed as though the scientists were on the brink of a treatment for baldness. Since then, we’ve learned that, while the initial research that gave rise to those reports was real and truly revolutionary, the way to a practical, commercial treatment is littered with obstacles.

One of the companies that started the research stem cell treatments for hair loss, Intercytex, went out of business two years later… and another, Histogen, has been involved in court disputes over its technologies that have dragged on for years. Yet the research is continuing… and is FINALLY beginning to bear fruit.

The question everyone is asking is: Will the next few years FINALLY see hair loss products that really work? We received a partial answer early in 2012 when Japanese scientists revealed that they had successfully used stem cells to regenerate hair follicles in bald mice. If you haven’t seen the video of this technology, I urge you to click on the link right now.

Hair Loss Products for the 21st Century

The other question people ask is: Short of a full-blown hair transplant, what practical hair loss products can I realistically use, right now, to slow down or reverse hair loss? One of the companies that has been involved in stem cell research for hair loss products is Aderans Research, and it is currently deep in its Phase II clinical trials for its new hair cloning technology that, if it works, could result in virtually limitless amounts of donor hair follicles being available for patients.

Another company, Replicel Life Sciences of Vancouver, British Columbia, is also in clinical trials of similar hair loss products: the attempt to extract hair follicle cells from someone’s head, multiply them in a lab, and then re-inject the cells over bald areas of the same person’s scalp, like reseeding a lawn. This website is dedicated to tracking these developments — and other new hair loss products, technologies and treatments for slowing and reversing hair loss in both men and women. Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about stem cell and other advanced hair loss products, or sign up for our 12-part email course below, where you’ll receive one update per day in your email box. In this FREE mini-course, you’ll learn:

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Stay Informed! Learn Everything You Need to Know About the Very Latest Stem Cell and Other Advanced Treatment for Hair Loss!

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