Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide

Biostem Seeks to Expand Its Stem Cell Hair Loss Products Worldwide

Biostem U.S., which describes itself as a “technology licensing company” with hair regrowth treatment using using human stem cells, is seeking to expand its operations worldwide. The company, a NEvada corporation based in Clearwater, FLorida, recently announced the change of its stock symbol to HAIR. The company offers hair growth treatments that feature a combination of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, the user of low level lasers, nutritional supplements and other hair products to stimulate new hair growth. The company is hoping to license its technology to private clinics around the world. Its first clinic outside of the Clearwater area is in Ohio.

Biostem was founded by two hair restoration doctors, Dr. John Satino and board-certified Medical Director Dr. Michael Markou, who work out of the Hair and Scalp Clinics in Clearwater, Florida.

It appears that the technique used by Dr. Satino and Dr. Markou is a variation on a technique used by some other hair restoration doctors around the world, which is to gently “wound” or irritate the scalp and then use injections of concentrated growth factors, taken from Platelet Rich Plasma, to stimulate hair follicle regeneration. Recent research has show that the “healing” process in skin seems to have this stimulating effect. Dr. Satino and Dr. Markou use special CO2 lasers to assist them in the gentle wounding of the scalp. They follow up the PRP process with other proven hair growth treatments, including low level lasers and nutritional supplements.

In addition to patients suffering from male pattern baldness, Dr. Satino and Markou have also used their techniques for patients suffering from alopecia areata and female hair loss.

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