Spectral F7 Astressin-B Topical Hair Growth Booster Now Available

DS Laboratories, the makers of the immensely popular Spectral DNC hair loss product, may have a full-blown blockbuster product on the horizon: The first-ever topical hair regrowth solution based on the recent discovery of the peptide Astressin-B, which was able to regrow hair on bald mice. The company’s first batches of the product sold out almost immediately… and is difficult to obtain.

The discovery of Astressin-B in February launched a flurry of media interest. Scientists at the University of California Los Angeles and the Veterans Administration announced that by applying a special peptide ( protein fragment) under the skin of mice that had gone bald due to overexpression of stress hormones they were able to regrow hair in almost all cases. The scientists believed that astressin-B blocked receptors for corticotropin-releasing factor, involved in the stress response, and led to hair regrowth. The data “support the existence of a key molecular switching mechanism triggered by blocking peripheral CRF receptors with an antagonist to reset hair growth in a mouse model of alopecia associated with chronic stress.” Translated: The scientists believe that Astressin-B can actually “reset” the mechanism that grows hair.

The implications were not lost on observers. As one British blogger put it:

Apparently just a single daily shot of astressin-B for for five days maintains hair on a genetically-stress-bald mouse for up to four months – nearly a quarter of the mouse’s lifespan. If the same kind of effects are seen in humans, a course of anti-baldening pills or injections might maintain a luxuriant uptop rug for 15 or 20 years – at any rate where baldness results from the action of CRF-style stress related hormones. Encouragingly, CRF and associated compounds are found in human skin.

It remains to be seen whether Astressin-B will work as well for humans in the real world as it did for bald mice in the laboratory. Judging by how difficult it is to acquire DS Laboratories’s new product, however, it seems that people are willing to give it a try.

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