New Advanced Growth Factor Serum Seeks to “Reawaken” Dormant Hair Follicles and Stimulate Them to Produce New, Thicker Hair

  • Hair Growth: Growth factors are a cutting edge technology pioneered by Cygenx for the regeneration of hair follicles and the regrowth of hair.
  • Can Reduce Hair Loss: Stem cells lining the hair follicles are crucial for production of hair. The proprietary Growth Factor-technology in ReGenrXx is designed to provide support to the components of the scalp so hair can grow thicker and healthier.
  • Combination Stem Cell Therapy: Complex actives protect the hair from damage and further help reduce hair loss. Other nourishing and repairing ingredients also work to maintain a healthy scalp and ensure a stable, healthy platform for hair growth.

We won’t kid you: RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 is expensive. It costs $299 for a 3-month supply. And not only that, it often DOESN’T REALLY WORK – at least, not to the degree any of us want.

But if you can afford it, and you are just losing your hair but not yet completely bald like me, you might consider trying it anyway…
Here’s what I mean by all this.

IT DOESN’T REALLY WORK: Treating male and female hair loss with the tools we have is a lot like treating cancer with Vitamin C: It’s pathetic. People are right to say nothing works. That’s because nothing really does. Minoxidil works… a little. Finasteride works… a little… but also can cause permanent impotence. Cold lasers work… a little. Just as with cancer, often the only thing that works in a dramatic way is surgery – cutting the tumor out with cancer, doing a painful and very expensive hair transplant with hair loss.

But even with surgery the results often aren’t what we want. Many times, even surgery isn’t enough. The cancer remains. The cosmetic results of the hair transplant aren’t satisfactory.

Yes, hair loss sucks big time. Sorry to break the news to you.

So, why do we recommend people try RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 when we admit it doesn’t really give you the results you want (a full head of new hair)?

Well, here’s why. The cutting edge of research into hair loss right now is with growth factors derived from human stem cells. That’s where most of the research is going. It appears that these growth factors function like chemical messengers to turn ON the switch in dormant hair follicles, to literally wake them up and stimulate new hair growth.

The issue right now is: which of the hundreds of growth factors are ideal… and how to get them to penetrate the scalp to activate hair follicles. Many companies are urgently trying to figure out this puzzle… because it means BILLIONS in profits if they do.

RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 is one of the few growth factor serums available right now. It contains many of the growth factors that scientists are using to try to develop a realistic stem cell treatment for hair loss. And we have heard from many customers who have tried it… and continue to re-order!

Although we have some, we can’t show Before and After photos for legal reasons: the government now insists that this amounts to fraud unless we can show what a “typical” or average user will experience from the product. We can’t do that. Quite honestly, the typical or average user won’t see much change. In fact, for many people it won’t help at all. But we have heard from customers who say RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 does appear to slow down hair loss. That’s why they keep re-ordering! We’ve only heard from maybe one or two people who say it doesn’t work (but that’s because most people don’t complain).

So, every single day we hear from people who ask us: I’m losing my hair… PLEASE tell me what I can do?

We always say the same thing: We’re NOT medical doctors and can’t give any medical advice. Go visit a medical doctor with experience in hair loss. If your doctor agrees, try the ONLY scientifically proven treatments… Minoxidil and finasteride… and maybe check out getting a hair transplant. You might also try cold laser treatments.

The only other thing you can try… AND IT PROBABLY WON’T WORK!!!… is a potent growth factor serum like RegenRXx Hair Serum 90. But please know we have a BIG conflict of interest: We don’t make the stuff. We just offer it through our website and earn a sales commission.

Now, as we said, it’s absurdly EXPENSIVE. It’s made with Human Fibroblast Conditioned Medium (HFCM) and contains many different growth factors. It doesn’t contain any human cells… only the byproducts (growth factors) of cells. So, it costs a fortune to produce, we’re told, and that’s why it’s so expensive.

One more thing: Please DON’T order if you’re already bald. We can tell you from personal experience, it won’t do you any good. RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 does appear to grow more hair, even on bald heads, but not enough to cover all that real estate. You’ll just be totally throwing your money away. So, if you’re starting to lose your hair… or if you are “thinning”… or if you’re a woman who is losing her hair and is desperate… then okay.

Also, please don’t order if you need the money. Only order if you’re rich. Sorry, but times are tough these days and we don’t want that on our conscience. This stuff probably won’t do a damn bit of good for you… and food and your mortgage are a lot more important than your hairline.

RegenRXx Hair Serum 90 is one of the very first hair growth serums to use concentrated growth factors and cytokines derived from Human Fibroblast Adipose Derived Stem Cell and Induced Human Adult Pluripotent Stem Cell Conditioned Media. The growth factors are byproducts of adult stem cells that are grown in laboratory media (such as growth media in petri dishes) and then concentrated in a hair density serum. These Growth Factors are delivered in greater concentrations and diversity than those products derived from only a single source of conditioned media.

The manufacturers of ReGenrXx™ claim that it improves the overall condition of the scalp by nourishing damaged hair follicles and stimulating the circulation of valuable nutrients needed for healthy hair. Growth factors are proteins that primarily activate cell proliferation and/or differentiation. They provide balance that is needed to insure proper cell function for overall cellular health. Growth factors turn essential cellular activities “on” and “off”, and they play a role in increasing cell production, cell division and blood vessel production. Additionally, growth factors are strong signaling molecules that regulate protein production like collagen, elastin and laminin, etc. In the skin, Growth Factors contribute to balancing normal physiology within the tissues. When Growth Factors diminish in number, the cells malfunction and aging of the scalp and hair loss occur.


CyGenX™ Tri-Mix Blend of Human Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Glycerin, Polysorbate-20, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium PCA, DL-Panthenol, Allantoin.


1.) Clean the scalp thoroughly.
2.) Optional: If desired, this product may be used with other known scalp delivery systems such as the Titanium Micro Needle Roller System. DO NOT USE WITH OTHER PRODUCTS. THIS MAY DISRUPT, BLOCK, WEAKEN OR DESTROY THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN THE REGENRXX™ FORMULA.
3.) Apply the ReGenrXx™ Hair Serum to the areas of the scalp you wish to target, as needed. One “pump” every other day is recommended.
4.) Stimulate the scalp by massaging the serum into the scalp for approximately five minutes. Do not wash your hair for 8 hours following application.
5.) Repeat steps 1 – 4 every other day until the product is used or the desired results are achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it Safe?

The Active Ingredients: CyGenX® Tri-Mix Blend of Conditioned Media consisting of HFCM, hADSC and iPS Conditioned Media. As an example, HFCM is rated by the cosmeceutical industry and advisory labs for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the lowest risk category of all active ingredients used in the cosmetic industry today. The molecules in ReGenrXx™ are natural. Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in this proprietary formulation and CoA’s are performed on every ReGenrXx™ batch of product insuring the user that every vial of product is exactly the same in concentration and potency.

Does this product contain human or animal cells or tissue?


What are the active ingredients?

CyGenX’s Tri-Mix Blend of Conditioned Media is a proprietary blend of natural growth factors that are super saturated and super concentrated and designed to support hair follicle health.

Where Does the CyGenX® Tri-Mix Blend of Conditioned Media come from?

They come from human adult stem cell lines. These stem cell lines are placed in conditioned media where cytokines, complex proteins and growth factors are secreted in a cultured laboratory environment. This secretion process takes about four to five weeks.

Is the Process Expensive?

Yes. To give a comparative cost assessment, if an individual wanted to purchase a specific secreted growth factor – which is impossible because they are only sold to research facilities – the cost depending upon the growth factor desired would vary between approximately $1,000 to $1,500 per picogram. A picogram is 1/1000000000000000th of a kilogram. This is very expensive for such a tiny volume of product.

What about consistency?

CyGenX’s Tri-Mix Conditioned Media is refined and the manufacturing is done to pharmaceutical grade standards at the University Of California Irvine Research Complex. This means that every batch of ReGenrXx™ is precisely identical and verification is conducted by third party laboratories that attest to and issue CoA’s (Certificates of Authenticity and Accuracy).

Does ReGenrXx™ require a prescription?

No prescription is needed and the product is available today. ReGenrXx™ is applied topically to the scalp. Some companies are developing similar stem-cell based products that will require an injection by a health care professional and a prescription. They are not available and no one knows how long before they are released for commercialization.

Will ReGenrXx™ work for everyone?

Probably not. In initial clinical tests, the use of growth factors has resulted in new hair growth on some test subjects and has dramatically slowed or stopped unnatural hair loss on others. However, it appears to be more effective on individuals who are only losing their hair, not completely bald. While anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that the product grows new hair even on totally bald heads, the amount of hair may not be satisfactory from a cosmetic perspective.